Hollis(teeny tiny little plant boy) and Ansgar(huge beefcake man thing) being fashionable babies. Ansgar belongs to Ndgo!


speedies done Live at NAD school for my students in Environment Design

I am in..

such a wonderful mood OH MY GOO LORD! o u o HELLO EVERYONE!!! why are you all so beautiful?


Madoka Magica witches in Collage form, including Gertrud, Charlotte, Elly, and Elsa Maria.

That was fun. I might do this again sometime with the other witches.

woke up in a shit mood.

ugh. fuck.

So! I need your help!

I’m doing some Disney genderbends right. And I want to do 5 of my favorites and I’m already finished with one. But I would like to know which characters would you guys like to see me draw? It’s okay if they’re not a Disney Princess, or even a minor character. But I’m curious, I might even do it! 


I did some John Smith genderbent but im getting tired, i’ll finish them and post them tomorrow!



Hey guys, I’m wondering what

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to go anon, I won’t be publishing or responding these but I’ll appreciate the input. Thank you!