Destiny- Scenery

Gonna develop this, make more, paint them, I want to make iphone/android phone cases with this sort of stuff, sell em/give em away at conventions. Hmm, def gonna work on this more!


so so, i was drawing uranus and neptune but then work happened. Hopefully i can go back to working on them today :3c

Today’s my birthday!

Woooh!!! -goes back to drawing sailor neptune and uranus-


Im going on hiatus.

Sorry tumblr. Catch you around <3

I wanna talk to someone.

Someone message me, let’s chat up, make friends, I need something to do. 

felt really shitty about it through the rough draft, but i’m starting to like it more and more woo~


Yeah, I wanna draw…I wanna draw Free! for some reason? Who should I draw?